Thai & southeast asian street food

We offer Dine-in and Take-out

To place a take-out order, please call: (434) 288-1120. However, during busy hours (weekend dinners especially) we reserve the right to temporarily abstain from take-out orders as it overwhelms the kitchen production. If this happens, please call back in 30 minutes and we may be able to take your order then.


Chimm means “taste” in Thai. At CHIMM, we hope to capture authentic Thai tastes but also incorporate other regional foods and flavors throughout SouthEast Asia. In Thailand and surrounding areas, street food prevails and our menu highlights this aspect of cuisine. While Thai food is traditionally served from street vendors, our chefs craft meals that are reminiscent of the hustle of street markets but also the heart of native Thai cooks. While we strive to embrace the ideals of traditional Thai food, we encourage inspiration from newer generations to instill ingenuity and a freshness to the food we serve.

We are a family-oriented establishment, a sister restaurant to Charlottesville-favorite Thai Cuisine and Noodle House located on Commonwealth Drive behind Stonefield, which very recently celebrated its fourth anniversary of being open. That being said, we wish to give our own “spin” on Thai and SouthEast Asian food, as there can never be “enough” Thai restaurants to go around. It is a celebration of diversity. We thank you for partaking in this collaboration of culture and cuisine and for dining with us in the near future!